Improve the Customer Lifecycle

At Telesky, we believe that while the point of sale isn’t our ultimate goal, providing long-term satisfactory service to every single customer is. As a result, we provide your customers with memorable experiences in order to cultivate a loyal clientele.

At each stage,
update user engagement

Continue to entice your users with enticing offers and trendy options. Conduct several brand campaigns and analyze potential customers’ feedback and reviews.

Implement AI-powered solutions for each new stage of the product life cycle.

Every stage of the business life cycle necessitates a new strategy to keep up with the ever-changing user specifications. Using AI cloud techniques, discover the patterns of significant performance measures.

Adopt High ROI Generating Strategies

A misfortune is the last thing a company wants to go through. Customers have a plethora of options to choose from on the internet, so having a product that meets their needs isn’t enough; the approach must also be innovative.

Customer service using artificial intelligence.

Telesky uses Cloud AI solutions to provide effective customer service.

Voice bot

Install an AI-powered Voice bot to use Interactive Voice Response (IVR). All voice-based commands are intelligently processed and conveniently aided. The voice bot provides immediate customer service and generates automated service.


Install chatbot software and use it to simulate text service instead of a human agent. It is used on websites, mobile apps, and blogs to improve service availability, greet customers, and attract attention in order to start conversations.

Messenger bots

AI-powered bots that interact with Messenger users. Provides the most humane conversations and is programmed to automate faster responses.
Messenger bots are both widely revolutionary in the marketing-cum-sales era and active in any case of extremes.
Customers readily accept unconventional messaging patterns.

WhatsApp bot

Utilize the popular platform in an efficient manner. By connecting an AI bot to the WhatsApp service, the most convenient method of customer-business communication has emerged.
The WhatsApp bot is programmed to respond to the conversational tone of customers and can exchange any type of information from multimedia to emoticons.
Connects to immediate higher control in the case of illegible requests and for additional assistance.

Implement distinct services based on industry-specific requirements.

Telesky understands that each industry has its own set of specifications. As a result, we tailor packages to each individual business group in order to help you stand out from the crowd.

Get Actionable Insights

Customisable data dashboard for actionable insights to make strategic, data-backed business decisions.

Why Insight

  • Dashboards and graphic reports
  • Create your own rules, filters, and alerts.
  • View and download reports from multiple devices.